Although I don’t have long blonde hair or wear glamorous frocks (usually), my harp still makes a beautiful sound when I play at weddings, dinners or other similar functions.  For these I would use my Erard Grecian 43-string harp, which has developed a mellow, clear resonance over the 150 or so years of its life.

I also play Renaissance music with a lutenist, and have recently formed Duo 49 with guitarist Peter Manhood.  The 43-string harp and the 6-string guitar complement each other perfectly. Click on the “Duo 49” link at the bottom of the page for more information.

In the temporary absence of more appropriate pictures, here’s a shot of two of my harps, the Grecian on the right, and my 34-string Celtic harp (hand made from Wychelm by the genius harp maker Mark Barlow) on the left…


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