2 thoughts on “CONTACT ME”

  1. Hi

    I have just been speaking to Sel at Salvi re harps as I am looking for 2 pedal harps (preferably Salvi) for a couple of my pupils. He suggested that I contact you as he thought you may have one to sell. I am away this w/e but if you want to contact me, my mobile number is 07970 071217 (it may be turned off as I will be in rehearsals/concert) or email me.

    Many thanks


    p.s. I love using your Harpo books and my pupils think they are great!

  2. Dear Stephen,

    Congratulations on the snappy website. Can’t we have a photograph of you as well as your dog ?

    I hope you are well – from all the material on your website you would seem to be very busy with all your various activities. We are well ; work is, well, work, but Liz and David are thriving. We have just come back from a week in Cyprus which was great fun, and are paddling towards a week in France in the Summer.

    In the meantime, I wonder if you are around and free on Saturday 17th July as I am returning to Oxford once again. The Elysians under Jeremy Summerly (school contemporary of yours ?) are singing a scrumptious programme at Exeter College Chapel with some Early / Medieval stuff in the first half and the Faure Requiem in the second. The Faure is one of those pieces like ‘Messiah’ where it is very easy to be dismissive until you actually sit down and sing /play / listen to it seriously and you realise what utterly marvellous music it is.

    Liz and David are coming up for the concert ; if you are free we could meet up for something to eat beforehand. Better still (and this is the immediate point of writing) I am playing the organ for the Faure and could do with a page – turner and (possibly) stop puller for the evening concert if you are free.

    Don’t worry if you are not free that day as I will be able to make alternative arrangements but as we are in Oxford, and it is a sheer disgrace (on my part) that you have not met Liz and David, this would seem a good opportunity to kill birds with stones. Lucky the concert is not in aid of the RSPB. (I think that is actually one of your own jokes from about 30 years ago, but still worth an outing).

    Love from us all,
    Mark, Liz & David.

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