In addition to all the music I compose for my harp students as soloists, I’ve also produced numerous harp ensemble pieces, which have been performed by many different groups, from three to twenty-three players.  There are also one-off compositions for flute, clarinet, bassoon and horn, all with piano accompaniment.  Here’s Yo’ The Man for clarinet:


Then there are lots of pieces for percussion ensemble, most of which have been written with Saturday morning Music School pupils in mind, but one of which has been commissioned for a more advanced group of players; this is Greg’s New Groove, which uses four percussionists, all of whom play several instruments, including marimba, timpani, tom-toms, temple blocks and triangle.  Here it is:

…OK, so neither of these promised pieces have appeared here, but they will when I work out how to make this site do what it’s told…


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