I teach the harp to children and adults, from the ages of 7 to 70, both privately and in schools, mostly using 34-string Celtic harps.  

Despite the common misconception that the harp is an esoteric and difficult instrument to play, it’s actually the easiest instrument on which you can make a beautiful, satisfying sound at an elementary level.

Until recently there has been very little good material written for the early stages of learning the harp, so I have spent the last few years gradually writing more and more pieces which are fun to play and also develop harping skills.  Initially a lot of these were published in three books (Harpo One, Two and Three), but I have now incorporated them into two graded teaching books: Harpo Beginners and Harpo Not Quite Beginners (with Harpo Certainly Not Beginners on the way).  There is a CD included with the book, and what makes these books different from most other instrumental tutors is the way I use them to teach both conventional note-reading as well as playing by ear, understanding harmony, and transposition. There is also a teacher’s book full of accompaniments, sight-reading snippets and further exercises.

On Saturday mornings I teach for the Oxfordshire County Music Service, working with orchestras, a young children’s musical-fun-and-games group, and a percussion group, for which I also write the music.


One thought on “TEACHER”

  1. Your harp ensemble pieces and Harpo books are just brilliant…I love being able to play along with my students in lessons and your compositions get them learnnig syncopation early one, fantastic!
    Keziah Thomas

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